This is a question that won’t go away anytime soon. There is a group of people who believe in no existence of ‘God’ (Atheists). Whether you follow their beliefs or not, you may have thought that they have a legitimate opinion.

So today I wish we can try to question ourselves about this issue as well as we try to find an answer. Let people not tell you to stop questioning yourself more about any existence of ‘God’ for what they say it will only lead you to more confusion. It’s common knowledge out there that when you inquire more into a thing, you tend to comprehend it more.

  1. Is there sin in heaven?

We are told by the holy books that ‘God’ is all knowing and forgiving and that there’s no sin in heaven-the holy city. If that is so, why did Satan sin while in heaven? We are told Satan coveted the throne- a sin. Now if ‘God’ is all knowing, he may as well have known what Satan was thinking but he then went ahead and left the seat of throne. Was he inviting Satan to commit a sin?

He also could have forgiven Satan for that sin rather than throwing him to a much weaker being (man) on earth. So is there sin in heaven? Ponder on that.

  1. Ask yourself what was ‘God’s intention for humankind?

‘God’ could have dealt easily with Satan while in heaven or more so, he could have forgiven him but instead he brought him to us- the weak creatures. Why did he have to do this? There could be no sin on earth if ‘God’ intended it not to be. Two ‘God’ could have prevented the same devil from going near the garden of Aden to tempt Adam and Eve. He could have enabled the minds of Eve and Adam from falling into the Satan’s trap but he didn’t. Jesus couldn’t have had to go through what we are told he went through after all to make right what should never have been wrong in the first place. So what are ‘God’s intentions for mankind? Good or bad?

  1. Is there a heaven and hell?

If either of these two places exists, then it would be really existing to see who goes where because if ‘God’ really wanted and really loved us as it is said, Satan would not have been released on earth and made its king as there could be no sinners too.

  1. Is there God?

I strongly believe that if ‘God’ exists, probably he is not the one who I read in the ‘holy books’. A loving ‘God’ could have prevented all the above to happen and there could be no all these evils we see on earth today. Why should ‘God’ have created man, allow sin on earth and later burn his loving creature by fire in hell?

Finally, if a powerful ‘God’ really exists, why do you have to protect him by bombings, guns, knives and killing others like Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda, Isis, Boko Haram do? How weak is your ‘God’ then if at all he exists that he requires human protection?

So you tell me is there any existence of ‘God’?




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