Key factors that led to a stunning and surprising-Donald​ Trump victory

The world woke up to surprising shocking and exciting news that Donald Trump being the president-elect of the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America. He was seen as the underdog in this election given the experience of his competitor Hillary Clinton. Hillary was seen as a front-runner since she was deemed more stable given her more than 30 years in government life.
She, being the former first lady and the Secretary of state, she had the support of the incumbent president Barrack Obama who accompanied her in most of her campaigns and there was no doubt that she was the preferred candidate for the establishment. However, the American people had their own candidate they wanted.
On the other hand, Trump’s critics labeled him a sexist, a rapist, a racist, xenophobia, a bully and all manner of evil characterization you can think of. This led to his ratings dropping very first at some point but he stood with his message of ‘Making America Great Again’. It resonated well with a big constituent in America. His ratings started to shoot up again after the second presidential debate where he emerged a winner.
His criticism Hillary achievements over her more than 30 years in power, was enough to start seeing Clinton ratings dropping fast. He termed this experience as ’bad experience’. He accused her of corruption during this time, and enriching her family, Clinton foundation at the expense of common American worker. He termed her not fit to run for the big seat in the land due to her poor judgment in handling classified emails which put the lives of all Americans in danger, a case that is under FBI criminal investigations.
Apart from the above, there were other factors that led to his triumph in the November 8th election. Let’s look at some of them.
Media- The fact that mainstream media decided to do all they could to support Hillary Clinton to win, using all their resources running derogatory adds, giving Trump false ratings through biased polls, Trump’s support continued to surge. His campaign team stuck with issues at hand that endeared him more to the people. They decided to use another alternative media, a more powerful tool in the modern world the social media. It was apparent that mainstream media from CNN, ABC, AP, FOX, and New York Times and many others were of no help to the billionaire.
The idea of using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram was genius. People gave the mainstream media a total black out and turned to social media where they could watch Mr. Trump’s campaigns live from wherever they were online. Trump called the mass media ‘the most dishonest people in the world who were working with establishment’ and whenever he said this in a rally, the crowd went wild with boos directed to the men of cameras.
The message- Trump stood with his message without allowing any distractions. The most powerful message was ‘Making America Great Again’ using the hashtag #MAGA on the internet. He promised more jobs, more strong military, looking after veterans, bringing back the industries, repealing ‘Obama care’ which he called a ‘disaster’ to building the wall. Promised to improve the infrastructure and him being a guru in business, many had little chance than to trust him.
He also touched the issue of immigration, saying that all illegal immigration he will have no place in the new America. He termed them a threat to the state security. The stand on ISIS and his fight on terrorism was an easy sell to the voters. He promised never to allow Syrian refugees into America but create a buffer zone in their own country Syria and offer them all help they needed there.
The argument was that the American had enough problems internally, and their welcoming heart was being taken for granted. He said receiving Syrian refugees blindly will only turn America into nations such as France and Germany, where the same refugees have caused chaos, where they are involved with murders and terrorism acts. This resonated very well with the Americans who in return voted overwhelmingly for him.
Corruption- This was an important message for Trump. He accused the establishment of propagating corruption in all levels of government. His argument was supported strongly by ‘Wikileaks’ exposé. The message under hashtag #DrainTheSwamp was just a bomb. He tagged the Clintons, the Clinton Foundations and the mainstream as just some of the examples depicted the rot of corruption in the government.
Religious Liberty- Trump sold his message largely to Christians. He assured them that religious liberties which were under great threat by the current government will be looked at more positively. Since he was pro-life and fighting abortion on demand this was an easy sell to the Christians. There was a release by the ‘Wikileaks’ showing Hillary Clinton campaign team speaking ill of evangelicals and Catholics and another one as depicting her as a Satanist, involved with kidnapped kids for rituals, just confirmed Christians fears for Hillary and they run to Trump’s camp.
The choice of Governor Mike Pence who simply introduces himself as a ‘Christian, Conservative and a Republican in that order’ gave this constituent more faith in Trump administration. It is believed that Trump got 2% more than what Romney a 2012 Republican nominee got.
Black Americans, Hispanic and Latinos- Trump took his message to the marginalized groups of the Black American, Hispanics and Latinos. He told them that Democrats have always just been interested in their votes they forgot about them after elections. This narrative was so exciting to this group and his promise of improving the inner cities where these people lives was endearing. This in turn data shows that Trump had more votes from the black American than previous Republican nominees and than his competitor Hillary Clinton.
Supreme Court- Trump promised to appoint Supreme Court justices of great repute and honor, who would stand with principles of the constitution. Many American especially Christians show that the only person to entrust this great issue was none other than Donald J. Trump.
There are many other factors we can talk about that led to Trump’s triumph that we can have no enough pages to write on about. These are just a few of them that I thought played a more important role in his victory.


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