How to Cure Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder where one gets breathing difficulties. The breathing starts and stops abruptly within a short period of time. If this condition is left untreated for a prolonged period of time, it may lead to serious health conditions and even death.

There are three different types of sleep apnea namely:

CSA- Central Sleep Apnea- This one is not very common but it is also reported.

OSA-Obstructive Sleep Apnea- This is the most common one. The smooth flow of air from the mouth to the nose is obstructed.

CSA- Complex Sleep Apnea- This is a serious type of sleep apnea, and its a combination of the first two but it rarely occurs.

Dry throat, frequent urination during the night, depression, irritability, loss of memory, headache, feeling and falling asleep during the day and heavy snoring are some of the symptoms for sleep apnea. There are both simple and complex ways of curing sleep apnea, and we will look at some of them.

Change the sleeping position- Changing the way you sleep is one way of dealing with this condition easily. One is advised to sleep on the sides or chest and avoid very much sleeping on their backs. Sleeping on the back is believed to hinder proper flow of air.

Avoid alcohol and smoking- One is advised from consuming alcohol and smoking of substances which may interfere with proper breathing.

Dieting and losing weight- overweight people are mostly affected by this condition and therefore people are advised to be on diet and weight losing procedures.

Sleep during regular hours- Having a scheduled time of sleep and adhering to it can be a very simple way of controlling this.

Throat exercise- Throat exercises are vital and should be followed as indicated by a doctor.

Do exercises- One is advised to be active in exercises which help in keeping body organs safe and in reducing weight. Just going for a short walk before you sleep can do you a great favor in controlling sleep apnea.

Using herbs- Some people prefer using traditional herbs in curing sleep apnea rather than taking medical prescriptions. Herbs such as passion flower are believed to improve sleep and insomnia, but before one decides to use this method, doctor’s advice should be sought.

Drinking plenty of water can as well be helpful as the use of special pillows.

Use CPAP- This is Continuous Positive Airway, a technological machine that acts as a respirator. It is placed over the mouth and nose and it pushes air into the throat allowing for smooth air passage during sleep.

Surgery- This can be sought as a last resort. It can be performed to widen the air passage or removal of a tissue in the throat or mouth to allow for smooth air passage.

In conclusion, one should not be worried about what to do in case a friend or a family member suffers from sleep apnea because there’s available cure out there.




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